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Helping Guide To Buy High-quality Cashew Nut Peeling Machine In Gujarat

Posted by Admin on September, 15, 2020

Cashew kernel is considered as the king of all the nuts due to its sweetest taste and nutritional benefits. The surprising thing about the cashew nut is the fact that it appears outside the fruit. The cashew fruit is also called as cashew apple because the nut appears outside the fruit. Cashew nut is grown in different states of India from Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Ahmadabad, Gujarat and Goa to West Bengal.

Steps involved from raw cashew fruit to cashew nuts are: -

• Cleaning
• Drying
• Roasting
• Cutting
• Drying in a hot chamber
• Peeling and Grading and Packing.

Cashew nut peeling process

In this stage, the testa is peeled. Earlier, the manual method of peeling was used which has now been mechanized. The most commonly used method is to blow the testa away using high-pressure air. This will ensure testa removal without any damage to the kernels. Other methods used for peeling include freezing, suction, passing the kernels through rubber rollers, etc. cashew nuts peeling machines are the best to remove the peel from the kernel.

Benefits of Cashew nut peeling machine

These machines help to take away the brown skin which in the case remains unresolved usually spoils the taste of the kernel. The usual peeling system has now undergone a sea change. Now, these machines not only increase efficiency but saves time as well. Also to manage hygiene in every piece cashew nut peeling machines play a significant role. These highly advanced machines facilitate peeling to be done hygienically un-touched by hand. It also helps reduces the increasing percentage of broken pieces. Therefore, the peeling machines have improved the yield as well.

Features of cashew nut peeling machine in Gujarat:

• Capacity 40 to 50kg per hr.
• Made in stainless steel food-grade material
• Peeling result in up to 97%.
• Very less maintenance.
• Need 10hp air compressor with 300ltr air tank.

Where to buy cashew nut peeling machine in Gujarat?

One can order the best quality cashew nut peeling machine in Gujarat from the renowned cashew peeling machine suppliers available online.

The Cashew Nut Peeling Machine available with them is accounted for low power consumption and compact design. Before assembling the final dispatch of the peeling machines, the entire range is strictly checked against miscellaneous quality parameters. Using premium packaging materials, they secure their products properly for transportation and label it suitably to provide information such as the address of manufacturer/distributors, MRP, quantity, etc. they offer fast delivery & installation at free of cost.

Tips to find the best cashew nut machines suppliers online:

Numerous cashew nut peeling machines suppliers are present online. But, how to find the best one? Follow these tips:

• Find various names online
• Visit their websites to evaluate qualities
• Consider the range of machines offered
• Compare the features of machines
• Read customer reviews to know the functionality
• Evaluate the price of different categories of machines

Select the supplier of cashew nut peeling machine supplier in Gujarat that sells a certified machine at a convincingly fare price.

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